All American: Hilfiger Denim

Tommy Hilfiger was born in the month of March 1951.  The fashion designer was brought into Catholic beliefs.  His parents were Irish living in the area of Elmira in the United States of America.  He had eight brothers and sisters for which he was the second eldest.

Even from a young age he developed a huge interest in fashion.  It was when he was eighteen that his fashion career started as he worked at a retail shop called People’s Place.  This was a retail chain consisting of nine other shops in his home town of Elmira.  Unfortunately the company was to go into liquidation.

When the company went bankrupt he was out of work and made the decision to travel to New York City for a change of scenery.  It was while he was in New York that he ventured out and launched his own fashion brand.  Little did he know that this brand would quickly make it into the media and become very very popular.

The Tommy Hilfiger Denim brand was loved by groups of people interested in hip hop music and rappers who loved his designs.  It was these groups of people that started the trend that you had to wear a size that was too big.

Big clothes are the right clothes

Due to the trend of wearing clothes that were too big Tommy Hilfiger decided to make his designs a little bit more daring.  He was at the height of the hip hop sector with many of his designs being firm favourites will his idols.

Tommy Hilfiger has really talent when it comes to his denim collection.  He may have explored many markets including perfumes, hoodies, and ladies wear but he is better known for his denim collection: Hilfiger Denim.  Although over the years he has exploited different areas he has always continued to develop his denim collection.  His family was very proud of him and often sported his collection.  For this reason he made designs that every member of his family would be happy to wear.

Designer of the year

In the year 1995 Tommy Hilfiger gained the title of “Designer of the Year”.  But it didn’t stop their as in 1998 he was awarded the same title again.  His luck went on to continue as GQ Magazine put him in their list of “Men of the Year”.  Other awards he gained include “International Designer of the Year” and “Future of America” award.

Hilfiger Denim is also a firm favourite with celebrities as he sponsored the Rolling Stones tour as well as tours for Britney Spears and Lenny Kravitz.

It is his creative approach to women’s and men’s fashion that makes him a favourite with a large audience.  Not only is he popular with the young for also the old.  Tommy Hilfiger shops can be found all round the world including shops in Asia, Russia, United Kingdom and Japan.

Tommy Hilfiger has become one of the best designer brands in the United States of America, which is certainly a great achievement for Tommy.



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Crème de Coco Shampoo by Bumble and Bumble is yet another revolutionary, frizz-taming hair care product. A concoction of coconut oil, murumuru butter, and mallow and milk thistle will work wonders on your hair to give it softness and shine and make them damage-free, frizz-free and completely moisturized. It can be used on all hair types and give equally enhancing effects on colored or bleached hair. You will fall in love with the shampoo’s fragrance and its rich, creamy and luxurious texture. You might not even need a conditioner after applying this hair care product.


Tips to Start Your Own Fashion Blog

A fashion blog is a sure shot mantra for success in the blogging market. This is perhaps the reason why any blogger who has little knowledge of the fashion field ventures into this domain of blogging. Besides, the world of fashion is particularly intriguing and generates interests among one and all. However, there is huge competition in fashion blogging considering the number of fashion blogs that are up and running in the market. Therefore, to keep your blog alive, it is important to build a personal presence for your fashion blog. Here are some ways that you can use for achieving this purpose.

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Determine your Visibility

Although, this may seem simple, it isn’t that uncomplicated. In most of the earlier fashion blogs, personal presence was not appreciated. However, with changing times, this has also changed. Nowadays, visitors like to know the blogger on personal terms. It is the only way that can assess if you are worthy of your trust. Therefore, choose what you write about your own self wisely.

Be Honest

Never blabber about your own self on your blog. Your blog is not our biography. It is beneficial for you to understand that your blog is simply a platform where you showcase your opinion. Most visitors who visit your blog are looking to get advice. Therefore, you should sound humble and honest to them in your presence and opinions.

Be Unique

It is difficult to believe that you will be able to get visitors for posts that can be found on any other blog on the internet. A blog is a like a grocery store. People will come to you only if they get something at your store that is not available anywhere else. In the present context, the only thing that you can differ is your take and perspective. If you are able to give people a different view of scenarios, people will keep coming back to your blog all the time.


Facebook, Twitter and popular social platforms are the best ways to promote your blog. Social platforms and personal connections give you an excellent opportunity to tell people about the latest activities on the blog and compel them to visit your blog. In fact, this shall also help you get some honest opinions on your posts and what you can do to improve the posts and overall look of the blog.

How can you expect people to read your fashion blog if they do not know that you have one and how your posts are a good read for them? Therefore, the objective of any marketing strategy is simple – let people know! The modern day marketing instruments are social networks, and since your target is the internet audience, the best place to find them is the internet. This is what makes online platforms such a good marketing platform.

Lastly, the secret for maintaining a good and clean personal presence on your fashion blog is to let people know that the blog is not a business venture run by businessmen. Add a personal touch and your personal perspective to blog posts and there is no reason why you will not be able to succeed.